Infinite MLM Software 3.0.0 Goes Live!

Infinite MLM Software 3.0.0 (Beta) has been launched on 12 March 2013, with a number of cool new features than ever. Combined superpowers of CodeIgnitor and Smarty Frameworks are the main highlights of this version. Assuring high end features such as Security, Maintainability, Improved loading speed, Flexibility and easy management.


Meet Smarty

A powerful web template engine which ensures the site design independently. Lets make it easy, a template engine prevents the collision in between the HTML content and PHP code.

What Smarty Can Do ?

1. Smarty will cache template and design aspects, to give away better loading speed.
2. It helps to maintain designs tidy.
3. As mentioned earlier, Smarty seperates PHP code from CSS and XHTML.
4. Better Front-end speed
5. Highly secured and high maintability.

Here’s CodeIgnitor

Another powerful framework you can rely on for creating featured web applications. Stays strong with a small footprint, a “must need” framework for PHP coders.

Why CodeIgnitor?

1. Free from complexity.
2. Flexible and easy management (with MVS based framework)
3. Broad Compatibility

Say Hello to Infinite MLM Software 3.0.0

Came with the aim same as its previous versions, Infinte MLM Software 3.0.0 is the perfect solution for MLM Business plans. Whether its Binary, Matrix, UniLevel or any other MLM Compensation plan. Developed by Infinte Open Source Solutions LLP, the version 3.0.0 of Infinte MLM Software is packed with coolest features than any MLM Software can offer you. Visit our website now and register your account for Free Infinite MLM Software Demo (for Binary, Matrix and UniLevel). Also we are giving you the golden opportunity to customize the software according to your interest (only after upgrading the demo).

Key Feature

Infinite MLM Software 3.0.0 supports Multi-Language feature by using coordinator
internationalization. Also we can add any language as per the customer requirement


  • Easy-To-Use: Infinte MLM Software comes with a simple user interface. Making the things easier for everyone.
  • Faster, Secure and Reliable: Infinite MLM Software works smoothly and secured in any PC or network.
  • Easy customization: Much easier to customize meanwhile supporting all MLM Plans.
  • Built under the latest Open Source Technologies: Developed from Drupal, MySQL, AJAX etc.
  • Support Desk: 100% user friendly interface plus they are giving 24*7 helpline service.
  • Instant Demo: The only company to give away the demo which can be used for one month.
  • Total web based solution: As this software is fully online based. It is easy to manage every stuffs online.
  • Easy to port design template: It is easy to apply any design template transformations .
  • Built with CMS Technology: Software is integrated using CMS (Content Management System), so it is easy to add/delete contents.
  • Secured Automatic Payment Process: Best secured mode of transcation which guarantees security.
  • Integrated with invertry software: Using their basic inventory software user can manage stock,purchase etc.
  • Integrated E-commerce shopping cart: Direct link to Infinte E-Commerce software solution’s Easy online shopping.
  • Supports Multi Language and Currency: User can change the Language and currency according to their need.
  • Supports Backup System: The backup system can restore/recover the software without any loss of data.
  • Supports Website Replication: New user can personalize their website according to theri choice.
  • SMS Integration: Registered members will get instant notifications of payout,reward, birthday etc.
  • E-pin: This is a secure code generated by the software which can be used for safe purchasing the product.
  • E-Wallet: Complete fund is transferred to the E-wallet. E-pins enables the current user to transfer money from his/her wallet to the another user.
  • E-mail: All notifications such as payout notifications, membership details are send via e-mail
  • franchise Management: Is is one of the best advantage for multiple franchisees.
  • Various Reporting Systems: It is possible for the users to generate their their reports in various formats like excel, pdf etc.

4 comments on “Infinite MLM Software 3.0.0 Goes Live!

  1. How i get Infinite MLM Software Version 3.0.0 Demo?

  2. evraya on said:

    And what’s the cost (range)? Seems good, just to get cost it requires so many options to be fulled. Is it n*hundreds ir n*thousands?

    • admin on said:

      Basic cost of Infinite MLM Software is 1200 USD. For further information, feel free to drop us a line

      much appreciated if its through Skype [id:infinitemlm]

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